About us

Magnets Online is a division of International Magnaproducts Inc. which is one of the largest independently owned magnet distributors in the country. Magnets Online was developed to simplify the process of purchasing small quantities of magnets and assemblies.


It is the mission of Magnets On-Line to provide Neo Magnets in disc, rectangle, ring and special arc shapes to magnet users. Note we supply all rare earth magnets. We can also supply Samarium Cobalt, Ceramic Ferrite magnets as well as Cast and Sintered Alnico magnets of disc, ring and arc shapes, as well as segments.

We provide technical assistance in design and application work and have complete engineering seminars on our website of

All of our products meet the MMPA standards (Magnetic Materials Producers Association)

We also can do magnetization, de-magnetization, measuring, flux, gauss and field plotting. The field plots are for flat surfaces as well as rolls. Field plots can be provided, either in printed version or on floppy 3.5 discs for your own use.

Note that all of our materials are licensed. We also can provide Certification as well as the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).

We have more than 45 years of experience and we can help in the provision of all magnetic materials especially in the niche areas like: Bonded Samarium Cobalt, Bonded Neo Iron Boron magnets as well as replacements for Cunife.

We serve the automotive, communication, sensors, computer, medical as well as educational magnets (school), and all types of holding devices. We provide design experience on high volume O.E.M. applications.

We look forward to being of service.

  • To provide the highest-quality product possible. All products are manufactured to meet the standards of the MMPA. ( Magnetic Materials producers Association )
  • To provide only licensed material.
  • To provide prompt delivery. If for some reason an item is temporarily out of stock you will be immediately contacted.
  • To provide technical assistance. The customer can either go to to view a complete Informational website or call 219-465-1998 to have your questions answered.